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Please Note:  This list is sorted by year.  Some emblems are used over several years, but are only listed for one.   If an emblem is marked [SOLD] there is still a chance we have that emblem in unrestored stock. We have many more unrestored emblemsCall for availability.  If you have one of the emblems listed here, or another enameled emblem  not on this list, its core value can reduce your cost as a trade-in.  We can also restore your original.  If you know an emblem is misidentified, let us know in feedback, Thanks!


  Year & Make DescriptionPrice No.
n/a 1930's Ford   1 x 2 1/4 oval in non-stock blue. Nickel finish. all new enamel. Original enameled emblem. $95.00   FC2
Ford enamel car emblem 1930's Ford   1 1/2 x 3 Navy blue oval with 'Ford'. Chrome finish. VGC.  Original enameled emblem.  $250.00   FC1
1930 Hudson2 1/2 x 2 3/8 black and white enamels, standard OEM clip on back, chrome finish, Restored original enamel radiator badge $250.00HU1
Ford enamel car emblem 1930 Lincoln   Silver Oval, Lincoln letters in black, black outline. VGC.   Original enameled emblem $250.00   LC3
Lincoln enamel car emblem 1930 Marmon    [SOLD] 2 1/4" oval, Blue Marmon Letters. Chrome Finish Ex.Original enameled emblem    $250.00    MM1
Olds enamel car emblem 1930 Olds    [SOLD] F-30 1 7/8" dia. red, & gold enamel shield in black background, nickel plated, all new enamels, like new  Original enameled emblem  $275.00    OLD3
Buick enamel car emblem 1933 Buick    [SOLD] 1 7/8 Dia. round. All new enamels, Chrome finish. Very rare, Like new. Original enameled emblem $350.00    BCK2
Chevrolet enamel car emblem 1931 Chevy Radiator   [SOLD] 3 x 3 Bowtie in striped Oval. non-original stud, all new enamels. Chrome finish.  Original enameled emblem  $275.00   HC1
1933 Chevy Radiator    [SOLD] 2 3/4 X 1, Vee shaped bowtie. Restored. All new enamels, Chrome finish. Stud threads 1/4-28 at 1/8" tip end only, else Excellent original.   $175.00    HC2
Chrysler enamel car emblem 1933 Chrysler (side mounts?)    [SOLD] 2 9/16 X 7/8 oval. New red enamel, chrome finish. Very nice Original enameled emblem   $275.00    CR7
Imperial enamel car emblem 1931-3 Chrysler Imperial Radiator    [SOLD] 1 3/4 X 1 5/16 curved Oval. With Block stud. New Black enamel, Gold Finish. Very Rare and Very beautiful.  Original enameled emblem  $500.00    IMP1
Desoto enamel car emblem 1933(?) Desoto front   [SOLD] 3.5 X 2 Shield shape with central stud. Refired original enamel, All new Chrome. Excellent  Original enameled emblem $280.00   DES4
Dodge enamel car emblem 1933 Dodge Bros    [SOLD] Trunk badge, 5 1/4" flat. All new enamels, Chrome finish.  Original enameled emblem  $325.00    DC4
1933  Plymouth Side Mount Badge?, Curved with single split rivet. ~ 1 1/4" X 2", excellent gold finish. Restored original, enamel cloisonne, emblem $375.00 PLY5
1933-1939 Packard 12 Trunk medallion Original (not reproduction) Packard 12 trunk badge.  Restored. $350.00 PK1
1934 Pontiac 8 [SOLD] Radiator badge, new translucent red enamel, rechromed with a stud on each wing.  Very nice. $325.00 PON1
Dodge enamel car emblem 1933 -'35 Dodge Bros    [SOLD] Radiator badge,  Winged shield design.  2 replacement threaded studs. All new enamels beautiful and very fine.    Very rare find! Original enameled emblem $425.00    DCT1
Chrysler enamel car emblem 1936 Chrysler Airflow    [SOLD] 2 part emblem, 3 1/2" x 2" convex purple diamond with 1 1/4" Gold Chrysler seal overlaid both vee-shaped. all new enamel and chrome. Very Good. Original enameled emblem   $350.00    CHR3
Plymouth enamel car emblem 1935 (?) Plymouth    [SOLD] Radiator Badge in Chrome Wings N.O.S. More of these pieces in unrestored stock, call.  Original enameled emblem  $295.00    PLY3
1937 Dodge    Grille, Radiator badge.  Completely restored, has a a single threaded female block stud (original). Beautiful Restored original, enamel cloisonne, emblem.  $425.00    DC5
International enamel truck emblem 1936-40 International truck    [SOLD] Radiator badge. V-shape, all new enamels chrome finish.  Original enameled emblem  $295.00    IN1
1937-38 Plymouth grille Grille badge, slight V shape with single square female stud. Deep translucent red background with white enamels. Restored, excellent. 1 15/16" x 1 1/4" $275.00 PLY38
Buick enamel car emblem 1937 Buick grille    [SOLD] 3 1/4 X 1 1/4 v-shaped rectangle. All new enamels, chrome finish. Excellent   Original enameled emblem $295.00    BC7
1937-8 Dodge [SOLD]Grille, Radiator badge.  Completely restored, has a a single threaded male stud (not standard). Original enameled emblem $395.00DC8
Dodge enamel car emblem 1936-8 Dodge    [SOLD] Trunk badge. 8", Completely restored original badge, Chrome finish.  Excellent Original enameled emblem $395.00    DC6
DSF.jpg (61520 bytes) 1937 Pontiac '8'    [SOLD]Radiator Badge. All new enamels, Chrome finish. Original enameled emblem   $325.00    DSF
CHC1.jpg (43136 bytes) 1939 Chrysler ModelsSteering Wheel emblem, Red 2" Dia. with gold logo in center. All new enamel, Chrome finish. Excellent condition.   Original enameled emblem $295.00CHC1
1939 Buick    [SOLD] Grille badge. approx. 4 3/4" (shaped like a small v-shaped radiator) NOS emblem, replated, 2 threaded studs on backside Excellent, chrome finish  $350.00    BC2

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