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Please Note:  This list is sorted by year.  Some emblems are used over several years, but are only listed for one.   If an emblem is marked [SOLD] there is still a chance we have that emblem in unrestored stock. We have many more unrestored emblemsCall for availability.  If you have one of the emblems listed here, or another enameled emblem  not on this list, its core value can reduce your cost as a trade-in.  We can also restore your original.  If you know an emblem is misidentified, let us know in feedback, Thanks!


 Year & MakeDescriptionPriceNo.
BBX.jpg (46060 bytes)1940 (-41) Buick   3 1/2 x 1 3/8 red, blue & gold. chrome finish. Some all new enamel, some cleaned, refired original enamels. Original enameled emblem slight design variations.. call for details.   $285.00BBX
1940 and later Seagrave Fire Truck[SOLD] 2 1/8 X 3 Radiator emblem, 1 1/2" dia. hat stud on back.  This is an OEM original, NOS, never used, like new emblem!  What a find! Excellent condition$350.00SEG1
DC1.jpg (93390 bytes)1940 Dodge   [SOLD] trunk, 2 3/8 x 8 7/8 Restored original Brown, Blue & Gold enamels with original transparency. Chrome finish. Original enameled emblem  $350.00DC1
BC7.jpg (35909 bytes) 1940 Buick grille     [SOLD] 3 1/4 X 1 1/4 v-shaped rectangle. All new enamels, chrome finish. Excellent   Original enameled emblem $295.00 BC7
PL2.jpg (32985 bytes) 1940-41 Plymouth    [SOLD] 2 7/8 X 1 tall shield with white ship, Blue sea, Gold sky. refired and new enamels. New chrome finish. Original enameled emblem   $300.00 PL2
BC1.jpg (44489 bytes)1941 Buick hood   [SOLD] 8 1/4 x 1 3/4 Original red & gold preserved enamels. Chrome finish, no studs. Very Good condition. Original enameled emblem  $275.00BC1
CHC1.jpg (43136 bytes)1940-1 Chrysler   Steering Wheel emblem, Red 2" Dia. with gold logo in center. All new enamel, Chrome finish. Excellent condition.  Original enameled emblem $295.00CHC1
DES3.jpg (89076 bytes)1942 Desoto   [SOLD] Trunk, 7 3/4" Gold plated emblem with deep blue and white enamel. Excellent. Original enameled emblem $350.00DES3
1946-48 Chrysler [SOLD] Hood emblem. Completely restored original, Excellent. Original enameled emblem$295.00CR1
DES2.jpg (106698 bytes) 1946-48 Desoto    [SOLD]Trunk, 11 1/2" Chrome Bezel & Gold plated emblem with deep red enamel. Excellent. Original enameled emblem   $350.00 DES2
1941, 1946-1948 Dodge3 1/2" X 1 9/16" V-shaped with square center mounted stud with threaded hole. NOS original enamel cloisonné, emblem. Replated in 24K Gold. Concourse quality, Condition is perfect! $350.00DG20
PLY4.jpg (42532 bytes)1946-48 Plymouth   Radio delete plate emblem,   N.O.S.   Original enameled emblem$250.00PLY4
1946-48 Lincoln2" X 3 1/2" Helmet over red, white & blue shield. This is an original NOS, unrestored, like new emblem!  What a find! Excellent$350.00LN4
1949 Lincoln Hood badge [SOLD] 3 3/4" X 2 1/8" 2 pc. assembly, gold enameled emblem fastened to a chrome backing. One long plain stud on the backside of the helmet. This is an original NOS, unrestored, like new emblem!  What a find! Excellent $375.00 LN5
LG1.jpg (50318 bytes)1949-51 Lincoln   2 1/4 x 2 1/2 Helmet over red , white & blue shield. Original NOS enameled emblem. 2 stud posts on backside. Replated Gold finish. Very fine condition. $350.00LG1
PKD1.jpg (45597 bytes) 1948 Packard    [SOLD] trunk, 2.5 X 2. Packard crest, refired original enamel with some new enamel. New chrome finish.  Original enameled emblem  $225.00 PKD1
DFL.jpg (80942 bytes)1949 ? Dodge   [SOLD] Fluid Drive trunk, 10 x 2 All new enamel, Excellent.   Original enameled emblem$325.00DFL
PLY1.jpg (14885 bytes)1949 Plymouth   1 1/8 x 1 1/2  Rear deck nameplate emblem  all new enamels and Chrome Ex.  Original enameled emblem $250.00PLY1 
1948-1950 Chrysler Imperial2 3/8" X 1 5/8" Hood or Trunk?  Genuine enameled emblem, cloisonné Gold Crown badge. 2 stud posts on backside. NOS!  Replated in 24k Gold. Concourse quality. $295.00MP1
1941-1954 Chrysler Imperial 1 9/16" X 1 1/8" various locations. Possibly rear seat  ashtray, steering wheel, back of front seat robe rail center. Genuine enameled emblem, cloisonné Gold Crown badge. Ruby red, and white enamel. NOS and replated 24k Gold. 1 central large rivet with tiny location pin above at top of crown.  Concourse quality.$250.00MP2
1941-1954 Chrysler Imperial1" X 3/4" various locations. Possibly rear seat ashtray, steering wheel, back of front seat robe rail center, or instrument cluster location. Genuine enameled emblem, cloisonné Gold Crown badge. NOS, and replated 24k gold. 2 stud pins on backside. Concourse quality.$175.00MP3
1950 Dodge Grille emblem 1950 Dodge grille emblem 3 3/8" X 3 1/4" 2 threaded studs on the backside.  Original OEM pc. NOS. $275.00 DG10
1948 - 1953 Willys JeepsterSteering Wheel hub, or Radiator "T" bar badge for the '48 Willys Jeepster and later wagons, and trucks. New authentic and correct cloisonné enamel reproduction, Excellent quality  $250.00WJ1
MB12.jpg (79486 bytes)1949-55 Mercedes Benz    [SOLD OUT] ~ 1 7/8" dia., new reproductions from Germany!  Model 170. Original emblem replacement part. These are true cloisonné enamel, beautiful!  $95.00MB1
MB12.jpg (79486 bytes)  1949-55 Mercedes Benz 2 3/8" dia., new reproductions from Germany!  Model 170S, 220, 230, 300/b/c/d etc. Original emblem replacement part. These are true cloisonné enamel, beautiful!  $125.00 MB2
Studebaker steering wheel hub Year Studebaker Steering Wheel hub 3" dia. 3 small tabs on backside outer perimeter to fasten. This is an OEM NOS piece, unrestored, and like new. Translucent red enamel, VG chrome. $175.00 ST1
MDZ1.jpg (38496 bytes)1957 Mercedes [SOLD] Vee shaped, Restored white and ultramarine enamels, replated nickel.   Original enameled emblem$275.00 MDZ1
YEAR (?) Porsche2 1/2" dia.  Original emblem, appears to be NOS.  Excellent black, and red enamels. Gold finish.  A couple of very fine light scratches in black, else like new.  Original enameled emblem$195.00PS1
Jensen (?)1 1/2" x 2" Original black enamel in VG cond. VG chrome. 2 stud posts on back.  Like new. Original enameled emblem$175.00JNS
Year? MG [SOLD] 2 1/8" Octagon, Original Black and White enamel in VG condition, VG chrome finish. Single orig. stud on back.  Original enameled emblem$175.00MG1
Year?  Wolfsburg VW1 3/4" x 3 1/4" Wolfsburg VW, unknown year, in original bezel.  All enamels in VG orig. cond. Original studs intact, chrome VG. A beautiful piece! Original enameled emblem$175.00VW1



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