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Progress on Current Schedule (completion May 2016)

 We will no longer be taking new orders for this schedule after September 15, 2015, so hurry!  This schedule is estimated for completion in May 2016.   We will update the schedule below whenever we complete one progress point and move on to the next one by indicating the "Finish Date".

Percent of total time Progress Point Enameled Emblem Process Description Finished Finish Date


Preparing Schedule (schedule closed to new orders) 9/15/15


Stripping of old plating or other finishes. 10/23/15


Stripping of old enamels 11/5/15
10   Stud work and metal straightening repair. 11/9/15


Metal prep and polishing 11/11/15

OEM type hard fired lead bearing enamel inlaid to emblems.    


Prep and shipping to Chrome Plater for chrome, gold or nickel finishes.    


Invoices for open accounts mailed out, Emblems being plated.    


Prep and packaging for customer shipping    


Currently shipping on Paid in Full orders    


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