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cars traveling the digital highwayLinkmasters, PLEASE READ, Very Important!

We are very happy to exchange links with websites that have automotive or emblem related content.  We are very careful to include only those sites which we feel will be of some benefit to our customers.  We manage our links pages manually, so we need your cooperation to make the link exchange transaction  a smooth one.  We never seek out link exchanges.  If we place an unsolicited link on our link page, it is as a service to our customers, and does not require a linkback.  Those links are mainly concentrated in the non-miscellaneous link pages.  The remainder of our links have all been accepted with the following conditions:

bulletCar Club and non-profit car-related hobbyist sites do not require a reciprocal link!
Simply fill out the form (no reciprocal link required) 
bulletFor commercial links, we will only link to the main index or home page of any relevant URL.  We will not link to other pages or sub-pages of the main index page or home page.
bulletWe will only accept link requests that are submitted with this form.
Email requests will not be accepted. If your form is not accepted because of incomplete fields, you must resubmit the form correctly.  Email corrections will not be accepted!   
bulletPlease use the Link Information provided below.  Most importantly, do not change the Title, as that is how we will be searching for our website's link on your link pages periodically.
bulletWe also have a banners page with banners, if you wish to exchange banners.
If you are interested in exchanging banners, you may email us the information.
bulletReciprocal links are on Probation for approx 60 days.  We will be checking periodically for our link on your website.  If  we can not find our link on the reciprocal link page easily, or find our link using the Google search-site tool with the word "emblemagic" after approx. 60 days, we will be removing your link from our own link page.  Our website will be posting your link on htm pages that are located in the root directory and are indexed by the search engines.  Our customers may search our site for your link using Google, and we wish to enjoy the same high caliber of link on your website.
bulletNo active server pages or other programmatically created-on-demand link pages will be accepted!
bulletIf our Link on your website is ever dropped without warning, we will remove your link from our website and we will permanently ban your link, as being unreliable and high maintenance.  We may also ban any other website links handled by the same webmaster or linkmaster.
bulletOur Links Pages are not to be used as a Page Ranking tool .  We do not appreciate link partners who are just using us for page ranking leverage, and who have no intention of keeping our link active beyond some nominal period.  Please look elsewhere for your needs!

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Our link information is as follows: 

Possible categories: Emblems, Badges, Classic car parts,  Accessories, Services

Title: Emblemagic classic car emblems
URL: http://www.emblemagic.com
Desc: Car Emblems & Automotive Badges. Need that Antique Medallion or Decorative Insert? We can create a reproduction or restore your emblem. We Stock and restore enamel and plastic emblems.

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Link Exchange Form (one form per link)

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Please Note: Overly long descriptions or titles will be truncated.  We will visit your website before including your link.  Submit one form per Link request.  Please complete all fields.  We will email you when your link has been posted. Thank you for your interest in exchanging links with us!