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Plastic emblem reproduction - frequently asked questions

Q. How can reproducing my emblem cost the same as restoring it?

A. Many people assume a restoration would be less expensive to do on their plastic emblem than the cost to make a brand new reproduction one.  In fact the costs to do either are very similar.

Q. That doesn't make sense, please explain.

A. In the case of a restoration, we first have to remove all the old paint, plating, and stylized drawing of balance scalerepair the plastic scratches etc.  After this, we are ready to repaint and plate the emblem.  In a reproduction, we cast a brand new part. After this we are ready to paint and plate the emblem.  So as you can see, one operation cancels out the other.  The fact that we can guarantee our reproduction and not the restoration, tips the scale in favor of reproduction in most instances.

Q. What about an emblem that is not already on your price list, isn't making a mold plus all of the stripping and cleaning  that still needs to be done, going to add to the cost?

A. This is one case where we do go out on a limb.  We do not charge the customer forcartoon of man standing on tree branch the added labor and materials when making our molds.  We are speculating that the new emblem may find future buyers.  We need to sell about a dozen emblems to recover the cost of our tooling.  Many of our emblems, even after years,  have yet to reach the break even point.  But we don't think it is fair to charge that customer with the extra cost, who is  providing the pattern emblem.  When later customers, who would be providing  nothing, pay less.

Q. What kind of molds do you make?

A. We make rubber molds.  This kind of mold is good for about 20-30 parts, sometimes less. Because they are rubber, they cannot be machined or repaired.  The quality and appearance of the pattern emblem, that is used in making the mold, is exactly what can be expected from the reproduction parts.

Q. What kind of plastic do you use?

A. We use a space age, water clear, polyurethane plastic resin, that is impact and chemical resistant.

Q. Will my reproduction emblem last longer or perform better than my old original emblem?

A. Unfortunately, no.  There are only two choices of plastic for plastic reproduction emblems made using the hand crafted method.  Polyester plastic has better weathering qualities for exterior use, but is notoriously prone to shrinkage.  The shrinkage can sometimes be so severe that an emblem will not fit properly in its original housing.  There are other problems with this type of plastic as well.  We used to make our reproductions from Polyester plastic until about 1994.  Polyurethane plastic on the other hand has very little if any noticeable shrinkage upon curing, giving us a much more exact duplicate of your emblem.  But polyurethane is not very UV or heat resistant.  This means that for emblems left for extended periods in the sun, or high heat, a gradual loss of clarity, or other degradations may occur. 

Q. My emblem has lost its color, and I don't know what it used to look like.  Do you know stylistic picture of palette and brusheswhat colors should be on it? 

A. If the emblem is on our price list than yes!  If the emblem is new to us, then no.  We depend on the knowledge of our customers when establishing how an emblem should look when redone.  Of course our customers can request custom colors on any emblem if they desire. 


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