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Current customers PLEASE NOTE:  You have an "estimated completion" line in the upper right hand corner of the work order that is sent as a confirmation of your deposit/order.  For current customers waiting for emblems, click the appropriate button on the left for an up to date status report.
In an effort to make it as convenient as possible to plan your restoration we are providing this scheduling information.  These time frames are not guaranteed, but we have scheduled them in  good faith, and barring any unforeseen delays,  we trust these estimated completion times to be accurate.  All orders are always processed in the order in which they are received, so don't wait! 

     Scheduling information is only relevant to customers who have not already placed an order, and who will be ordering either a restoration or an emblem not currently in stockEither call or email us to verify whether an emblem is in stock.

Please note: Due to our chronic backlog these are the next schedules for which we are accepting orders.

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Plastic insert emblems that are on our price list but not currently in stock:

 The next schedule that we are taking orders for will be shipping:

Fall 2016

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Enameled emblems for restoration:

 Spring 2017

Please note: We are estimating this date more than a year in advance, so it may change as the date draws closer.  We are no longer accepting emblems for restoration for the May 2016 schedule.   We can still accept badges for restoration for the following schedule which is May 2017.  

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