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  The emblems listed below are all reproduction emblems  They are hand made using the finest quality polyurethane plastic and hand colored to exactly duplicate the original emblem's coloring.    These are the emblems we currently carry, although we may not have every one in stock.  Please call or to verify that an emblem is in stock  All prices are per emblem unless otherwise noted in the list.    Be sure to click on the small picture to enlarge it for better viewing .
Buick 50BkStWa.jpg (83269 bytes)1948  ('49, '50) Buick Steering Wheel hub plastic emblem225.00C50BK193
Buick 49bkhd.jpg (79613 bytes)1949  Buick Hood insert plastic emblem200.00C49BK06
Buick 49BkTkDy.jpg (52186 bytes)1949  Buick Dyna Flow Trunk (Dyna only) plastic emblem225.00C49BK186
Buick 49BkTkFl.jpg (52492 bytes)1949  Buick Dyna Flow Trunk (Flow only) plastic emblem225.00C49BK187
Buick 50Buick.jpg (76766 bytes)1950  Buick Hood plastic emblem insert200.00C50BK10
Buick 50BkStWh.jpg (47755 bytes)1950  Buick Steering Wheel plastic emblem insert225.00C50BK175
Buick 52BuicHd.jpg (40014 bytes)1951  ('52)  Buick Front of  hood plastic emblem insert     250.00C52BK155
1952 Buick steering wheel hub 3-1/8" top dia.225.00C50BK193.1
Buick 53BkHd.jpg (44369 bytes)1953  Buick Front of Hood plastic emblem insert225.00C53BK197
Buick 53BkSW.jpg (95021 bytes)1953 Buick  "Power Steering" Steering Wheel hub plastic emblem225.00C53BK129
Buick 58BuicWH.jpg (64136 bytes)1958  Buick Limited, Wheel Cover plastic emblem insert225.00C58BK122
Buick 58BuicTr.jpg (39305 bytes)1958  Buick Limited trunk plastic emblem insert200.00C58BK190
1959  Buick Electra Deluxe wheel cover hubs (doughnut) plastic emblem225.00C59BK208
Buick 61BkELGr.jpg (48839 bytes)1961  Buick Electra Grille emblem ins. (larger one) plastic emblem200.00C61BK203
Buick 61BkELtk.jpg (54373 bytes)1961  Buick Electra Trunk emblem ins. (smaller one) plastic emblem200.00C61BK204
Buick 62BkWcHb.jpg (85649 bytes)1962  Buick Wildcat wheel hub plastic emblem inserts250.00C62BK77
1963  Buick Skylark small grille tri-shield plastic emblem175.00C63BK212
1963  Buick Skylark tri-shield Wheel cover hubs plastic emblem200.00C63BK213
Buick 64Buick.jpg (56206 bytes)1964  Buick Electra Wheel hub plastic emblem inserts200.00C64BK125
'65 Buick Grand Sport rear panel center emblem175.00C65BK246
new1968 Buick Electra, Wildcat, LeSabre grille emblem (picture is unrestored original for reference only)225.00 C68BK262
new1968 Buick Electra, Wilcat, LeSabre trunk emblem225.00 C67BK106
Buick 69Buick.jpg (45806 bytes)1969  Buick Electra tri-shield plastic emblem200.00C69BK90
Buick 70Buick.jpg (46794 bytes)1970  Buick Electra, Wildcat and LeSabre. front bumper tri-shield plastic emblem250.00C70BK149
Buick 70BkRecA.jpg (53980 bytes)1970 Buick Electra, Wildcat and LeSabre front bumper plastic emblem 
retaining bezel (front view)
Buick 70BkRecB.jpg (38584 bytes)Same as above (rear view)

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