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  The emblems listed below are all reproduction emblems  They are hand made using the finest quality polyurethane plastic and hand colored to exactly duplicate the original emblem's coloring.    These are the emblems we currently carry, although we may not have every one in stock.  Please call or to verify that an emblem is in stock  All prices are per emblem unless otherwise noted in the list.    Be sure to click on the small picture to enlarge it for better viewing .
Desoto 50DesSW.jpg (64138 bytes)1950 Desoto Steering Wheel Hub plastic emblem225.00C50DS167
Desoto 50DesDr.jpg (51671 bytes)1950  Desoto Interior Door panel plastic emblem insert200.00C50DS188
1952 Desoto Hood plastic emblem insert250.00C52DS21
Desoto 53DesHd.jpg (104170 bytes)1953  Desoto Hood plastic emblem insert250.00C53DS184
Desoto 55DesHd.jpg (46000 bytes)1955  Desoto Hood insert (black & chrome) plastic emblem250.00C55DS198
Desoto 56DesHd.jpg (49642 bytes)1956  Desoto Standard Hood insert (white & gold) plastic emblem250.00C55DS198.2
Desoto 56DeAdPc.jpg (70706 bytes)1956  Desoto Adventurer pace setter hood plastic emblem insert300.00C55DS198.1
Desoto 57desoto.jpg (60731 bytes)1957  Desoto Hood plastic emblem insert225.00C57DS116
Desoto 59desoRF.jpg (71116 bytes)1959  Desoto standard rear quarter plastic emblem insert225.00C59DS98

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