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  The emblems listed below are all reproduction emblems  They are hand made using the finest quality polyurethane plastic and hand colored to exactly duplicate the original emblem's coloring.    These are the emblems we currently carry, although we may not have every one in stock.  Please call or to verify that an emblem is in stock  All prices are per emblem unless otherwise noted in the list.    Be sure to click on the small picture to enlarge it for better viewing .
1953 Dodge Steering wheel hub plastic emblem insert 200.00C53DG231
Dodge 55DgHd.jpg (39612 bytes)1955  Dodge front or rear plastic emblem insert200.00C55DG39
Dodge 56DodgHd.jpg (25293 bytes)1956  Dodge front or rear plastic emblem insert250.00C56DG45
Dodge 57DodgGr.jpg (48418 bytes)1957  Dodge front bumper/grille plastic emblem insert250.00C57DG49
Dodge 61DodgDr.jpg (33755 bytes)1961  Dodge Lancer 770 door plastic emblem insert200.00C61DG113
Dodge 61DodgHd.jpg (29945 bytes)1961  Dodge Lancer 770 Hood plastic emblem insert200.00C61DG114
1963  Dodge Dart GT Hood plastic emblem insert200.00C63DG178
Dodge 63DgGTTr.jpg (24953 bytes)1963  Dodge Dart GT Trunk plastic emblem insert (Made in two pieces due to size.)250.00C63DG177
Dodge 64DodgSW.jpg (49463 bytes)1964  Dodge Dart St. Wh. Hub (Golden Ann.) plastic emblem225.00C64DG169
Dodge 64DodgHd.jpg (18086 bytes)1964  Dodge Dart GT Hood plastic emblem175.00C64DG05
Dodge 65DodgTr.jpg (39976 bytes)1965  Dodge Coronet 500 trunk deck plastic emblem insert200.00C65DG85
1966 Dodge Polara and Monaco Models.  200.00C67DG210.1
1967 Polara roof on 500 hardtop, fender on 1967 Polara convertible. 200.00C67DG210.1
1967  Dodge Coronet 500 grille plastic emblem200.00C67DG210
1967  Dodge Coronet 440 grille plastic emblem175.00C67DG220

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