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  The emblems listed below are all reproduction emblems  They are hand made using the finest quality polyurethane plastic and hand colored to exactly duplicate the original emblem's coloring.    These are the emblems we currently carry, although we may not have every one in stock.  Please call or to verify that an emblem is in stock  All prices are per emblem unless otherwise noted in the list.    Be sure to click on the small picture to enlarge it for better viewing .
1950  Ford Super Deluxe steering wheel hub plastic emblem250.00C50FD11
Ford 50FdCrst.jpg (51709 bytes)1950  Ford Crestliner Steering Wheel plastic emblem250.00C50FD11.1
Ford 50FDhd.jpg (45569 bytes)1950  Ford Hood (no metal bezel needed) plastic emblem225.00C50FD153
new!1950 Ford Monarch Hood emblem (white version, year unknown)200.00C50MY13.1
new!1950 Ford Monarch Hood emblem (black version)200.00C50MY13
Ford 53CoroTr.jpg (44748 bytes)1953  (54) Ford Coronado trunk hub plastic emblem insert225.00C54FD135
Ford 53FordSW.jpg (77013 bytes)1953  Ford 50th Anniversary Accessory Steering 
Wheel hub plastic emblem ins
http://emblemagic.com/myimages/emblempics/Ford/54FordSW.jpg new!1954 Accessory Steering Wheel hub plastic emblem ins (picture is for color reference only, not our reproduction)250.00C53FD206.1
1954  Ford Monarch (Canadian) Front Fender plastic emblem inserts200.00C54FD223
1954  Ford Monarch (Canadian) Roof Sail Panel plastic emblem175.00C54FD222
1954  Ford Monarch (Canadian) Sun Valley Trunk plastic emblem ins.250.00C54FD221
1956  Ford Monarch (Canadian) Roof Sail Panel plastic emblem175.00C54FD222.1
1956  Ford Monarch (Canadian) Front Fender plastic emblem inserts200.00C54FD223.1
1956 Monarch Richelieu trunk emblem insert  200.00C56FD247
Ford 56MMonHd.jpg (89505 bytes)1956  Ford Monarch (Canadian) Hood plastic emblem insert225.00C56MY192
Ford 58edsel.jpg (18719 bytes)1958  (59) Ford Edsel small round plastic emblem insert175.00C58FD154
Ford 58fdflHd.jpg (82086 bytes)1958  Ford Fairlane Hood plastic emblem insert250.00C58FD166
Ford 58FdFndr.jpg (34026 bytes)1958  Ford Fairlane front fender top ornament (X2) plastic emblem200.00C58FD165
Ford 60FalcTr.jpg (58873 bytes)1960  ('61) Ford Falcon trunk plastic emblem insert200.00C60FD110
Ford 63FdFcTG.jpg (34383 bytes)1963  Ford Falcon Station Wagon tailgate plastic emblem insert200.00C63FD176
Ford 64FordTr.jpg (80733 bytes)1962  (63)  Ford Fairlane 500, Trunk plastic emblem insert200.00C62FD132
Ford 64GaXLWh.jpg (54918 bytes)1964  Ford Galaxie 'XL' Wheel cover hub plastic emblem insert225.00C64FD120
Ford 66FdTnk.jpg (68001 bytes)1966  Ford LTD trunk plastic emblem insert225.00C66FD189
Ford 68FordTr.jpg (56561 bytes)1967  (68) Ford Galaxie XL trunk plastic emblem insert225.00C67FD89
1968  Ford Galaxie XL, & LTD Headlight door plastic emblem


1968  Ford Galaxie XL Hood plastic emblem


Ford 67FdHd.jpg (45602 bytes)1967  Ford Fairlane 500 Grille plastic emblem insert200.00C67FD55

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