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Effective 8/28/08 the NEW EMBLEMAGIC website was put online.

The new website has virtually the exact same content as this website.  We have hopefully made the new website easier to use and navigate. It takes advantage of all the latest technologies.  But for some of our visitors, it may not be an improvement.  Why?  There are many visitors that continue to use older computers, older browsers, non-Windows OS's, or who have javascript and/or Flash turned off on their browsers.   For those visitors this older, legacy website is ideal.  We plan to keep both sites updated with any new emblems, or other information.  Please let us know if you prefer this website.  We are very interested in pleasing ALL of our customers and visitors.

Effective 2/14/05, a new price list, affecting all reproduction plastic insert emblems.

Emblem cost cutoutWith the dramatic increase of prices which we have been absorbing for the past 5 years, on raw materials and services, and the many new steps and procedures added to our normal process for reproducing plastic insert emblems, in order to obtain the highest quality, we have found it impossible to hold down prices any longer.  There was a general increase of $25 on every emblem on our reproduction price list.  This is the first increase in prices since 2000 on many emblems, and the first general price increase (affecting all emblems) ever!  In other words, many emblems have not increased in price for more than 10 years!

Now accepting photos of Customer Cars!

We have a new page started, dedicated to showing our customers' cars, sporting their new Emblemagic emblem reproduction or restoration.

New reproductions available from Emblemagic!

Early 50's Mercedes Benz Grille emblem below left.  Click for price list.1970 Buick Electra Front Bumper Retainer Bezel above right. Click for price list.1948 - 1953 Willys Jeepster Steering Wheel hub, or Radiator "T" bar badge for the '48 Willys Jeepster and later wagons, and trucks.
Mercedes Benz emblem photo1970 Buick Front bumper retainer bezel photo

New Illustrated Catalog Available!

We have a new version of our regular catalog which has 8 additional pages of color illustrations, showing just about every emblem that is listed on the price list.  The pictures themselves are the same exact pictures that are shown on our web site.  This catalog is designed for sale at car shows, but can also be purchased directly by enclosing Cash, Check, or Money order for $2.75.  along with your mailing address.  This catalog is ideal for those friends or relatives that are unable to get on the internet to view these helpful pictures. We will, of course, continue to offer our regular, free, (non-illustrated) catalog, as well.  You may also download the full color catalog free and print it out on your own color printer!

New Links page...

A new page has been added for your convenience in locating other sources for emblems that we may not carry.  In addition we may be adding other restoration and club resources.  To get your website included on our link page, use the Link request form, or email us with the information.

Why no credit cards?

picture of men jumping through hoops      We would certainly like to offer our customers the convenience and simplicity of credit card purchases.  It would make things a lot easier for our foreign customers as well.  The problem arises, when one combines a service oriented product, which requires a certain turn around time with the mail order system of sales.  All credit card companies require that mail order business follow certain procedures, which are at odds with our own well established policies.  Our own bank looked at this problem from every angle to see if we might get around the difficulty, but ultimately concluded that our current system worked better without credit cards.  

Where does the time go...

clock running over man        Our backlog for custom crafting orders has become permanent, and even seems to be worsening.  Right now there seems to be nothing we can do about it.  We hope you will bear with us, and plan on getting your emblem orders in as soon as possible.   All orders are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, that is why it is so important, on custom crafting orders, to get your deposit in and get on our schedule. But in order to give you some idea of turn around, we have  a Scheduling page.

Where is Grand River?

LighthouseWe moved from Macedonia, Oh.  in November of 1998.  We are now in Mentor, but because the closest Post Office is in Grand River, that is where we have our Mail Box.  We can accept UPS deliveries at our street address which we don't publish because we don't have an open shop.   Use the feedback form to request our UPS address.  Both Grand River and Mentor are right on the shore of Lake Erie about 25 miles east of Cleveland.

15 Years of making emblems

Photo of  1959 ImperialOn December 17th, 1989 we made our first plastic insert emblem which would fit the trunk of this 1959 Chrysler Imperial.  Encouraged by friends and collectors, it became the catalyst for the establishment of the Emblemagic Co. 


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