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  New Polyurethane Plastic Reproduction Emblems 

Our space age, water clear, polyurethane plastic is of the highest quality,
 chemical and impact resistant.


We are not like every one else!

  Our pricing and emblems often get compared with the 'mass market' emblems that  smiling appleonce existed, or that may still be available through aftermarket dealers.  This is like comparing apples with oranges. These  mass market emblems were made in large quantities, so tooling and production cost (when spread over so many parts) was low. Some collector cars are so popular that the same mass market production methods can be used again, resulting in an acceptably low price.picture of oranges But most collector cars will never have their emblems re-manufactured this way. Tired of hearing, "there's not enough demand for that emblem", or "We need (fill in a number) more orders before we can make that emblem"?  That is where we come in.  We can produce that one emblem you need through our unique custom hand crafting process.  And although this might be a time consuming and costly consideration,  isn't your car worth it?  We will work to keep your cost as low as possible while still producing the highest quality emblem; "Your Emblem of Distinction" 

Plastic Emblems that are in stock:

The emblems that we have in stock are limited.   The emblems that are listed on this website are items that we carry.  For plastic insert emblems, we maintain about 80% of our list in stock, so we may be out of certain items when you call.  We make all of our own emblems, so if your emblem is not currently in stock we can back order it.  Depending on the schedule and our current backlog, there can be a significant delay in fulfilling a back ordered emblem, so call about any emblems you wish to order to check on availability. 

Check on emblem availability here!

That's right! You can check on what is in stock with the button below.  Just make sure you know the Emblemagic part number of the emblem before checking.  Your browser must allow cookies for this to work.


Please Note: The emblems listed do not constitute a complete interchange guide.  Often an  emblem is listed for one year but may actually be used in other years as well.  When we are certain that an emblem is used over a span of years, we note it.  Sometimes the emblem's colors changed for certain years or models while the plastic part remained the same.  We can also do custom colors on your emblem at no additional charge.  

The emblems in these lists represent items we carry.  Please contact us to find out if the emblem is in stock .

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