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  The emblems listed below are all reproduction emblems  They are hand made using the finest quality polyurethane plastic and hand colored to exactly duplicate the original emblem's coloring.    These are the emblems we currently carry, although we may not have every one in stock.  Please call or to verify that an emblem is in stock  All prices are per emblem unless otherwise noted in the list.    Be sure to click on the small picture to enlarge it for better viewing .
http://emblemagic.com/myimages/emblempics/Plymouth/48Plymouth%20001.jpg new1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Dash rectangle Note: picture is of original pattern emblem and is for reference only.250.00C48PY256
http://emblemagic.com/myimages/emblempics/Plymouth/48Plymouth%20003.jpg new1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe small circular dash badge  Note: picture is of original pattern emblem and is for reference only.175.00C48PY258
http://emblemagic.com/myimages/emblempics/Plymouth/48Plymouth%20002.jpg new1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Steering Wheels hub  Note: picture is of original pattern emblem and is for reference only.250.00C48PY257
Plymouth 50PlymHd.jpg (62309 bytes)1950  Plymouth Hood plastic emblem insert250.00C50PY15
Plymouth 50PlySW.jpg (95182 bytes)1950  Plymouth Steering wheel plastic emblem insert250.00C50PY14
1951 Plymouth Hood plastic emblem insert 225.00C51PY227
Plymouth 52PlyGr.jpg (49606 bytes)1952  Plymouth Hood round medallion plastic emblem200.00C52PY158
1953 Plymouth Hood, (red version)200.00C53PY24
1953 Plymouth Hood, (black version)200.00C53PY24.1
Plymouth 53PlymSd.jpg (23122 bytes)1953  Plymouth Side (?)  (small round with chrome ship
 and a black background) plastic emblem
1954  Plymouth Hood plastic emblem insert250.00C54PY35
1954 Plymouth Front center bumper name plastic emblem insert  (made in two pieces due to size.)275.00C54PY34
Plymouth 54PlymSW.jpg (72015 bytes)1954  Plymouth Belvedere steering wheel plastic emblem insert200.00C54PY124
1960 Plymouth Valiant steering wheel hub plastic insert emblem200.00C60PY241
1960 Plymouth Valiant Grille center hood release plastic insert emblem200.00C60PY240
Plymouth 61V200FF.jpg (48176 bytes)1961  Plymouth V200 front fender or trunk spare plastic emblem (red version)200.00C61PY144
1961  Plymouth V200 front fender or trunk spare plastic emblem (silver version)200.00C61PY144.1
Plymouth 61V200HR.jpg (47368 bytes)1961  Plymouth V200 Hood release plastic emblem insert200.00C61PY143
1962  Plymouth Sport Fury Hood plastic emblem insert  200.00C62PY80
1962  Plymouth Sport Fury Trunk plastic emblem insert  200.00C62PY81
1962 Plymouth Belvedere hood plastic insert emblem200.00C62PY78
1962 Plymouth Belvedere Trunk plastic insert emblem200.00C62PY79
Plymouth 65PlyGrR.jpg (37715 bytes)1965  Plymouth Belvedere II grille plastic emblem insert  (with red quadrants)200.00C65PY133
Plymouth 65PlyBel.jpg (31737 bytes)1965  Plymouth Belvedere I grille plastic emblem insert  (with silver quadrants)200.00C65PY133.1
1965 Plymouth Fury I, II, III grille plastic emblem 225.00C65PY235
http://emblemagic.com/myimages/emblempics/Plymouth/68_plymouth%20001.jpg new1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Side of front fender badges (price is per side)  Note: picture is of original pattern emblems and is for reference only.200.00C68PY260

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