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Attention Clubs, Dealers and Resellers!

The emblems we have listed under Plastic Inserts are all custom reproduced and hand made and have no wholesale pricing.  The Prewar Enameled (Cloisonné) Emblems are all original emblems that are restored or unrestored with no reproductions available.  For Dealers interested in having a plastic insert emblem reproduced in a limited production run, we can definitely help!

Your emblem can be reproduced in the traditional manner, using injection molding and other commercially available processes.  Although we are most familiar with the plastic insert type of emblem, we can also help with scripts, bezels, and other die cast parts.

Generally we need to have a sample piece that would be used as a pattern to create the drawings and tooling, but we can also work from your own technical drawings. 

There are some minimum ordering requirements however.  Generally at least 200 - 300 emblems are required to make up a Special Production Run or SPR.  In situations where this quantity may be prohibitive, additional emblems can be added.  For example two or three emblems with a run of 100 pcs. will yield the minimum order.  No single emblem can be run with less than 100 emblems. SPR's of this size would simply not enjoy the greater savings available to orders of greater quantities.

Special production runs are individually quoted based on quantity and the emblem itself.  The best candidates for SPR's are existing emblems where a pattern emblem exists.  We may also be able to work from your drawings and art work.

Turn around times vary with a particular job, but average 8 -12 months for final delivery if there are no major changes or revisions.

You will have the opportunity to see and approve the sample prototype before the final production run.

Terms are 50% deposit to begin,  and Balance Paid when emblems are ready to ship.

Defective emblems (not conforming to the approved sample prototype) will be replaced free of charge.

For a complete explanation of this service, please give us a call at the number below!

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