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Short Production Run Stock emblems

These emblems are NOT our usual hand made reproductions!  These are factory made reproductions that are IN STOCK NOW!    They are priced lower than any of our hand made emblems and their quality is comparable to OEM!  They are made with polycarbonate thermoplastic, exactly like the original emblems were made. 
1968  Ford Galaxie XL, & LTD Headlight door emblem plastic emblem (very few left) 175.00C68FD215
1968  Ford Galaxie XL Hood plastic emblem (very few left)175.00 C68FD214
59impff.jpg (14301 bytes) 1959  Imperial LeBaron front fender plastic emblem insert. 100.00 C59MP64
'56 Mercury Meteor wheel cover hub emblem 1956  Mercury Meteor (Canadian) wheel cover center hub plastic emblem.  125.00 C56MY237
1953 ('54) Caribbean side, behind door,  1955 ('56) Caribbean side of front seats. This plastic emblem may be used on some other models and locations as well. 2-1/4" x 1-3/4" crest shape.125.00 C53PK26

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