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SPR Emblems Emblem Care Scheduling Guarantee Terms

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Payment: Cash, check (drawn on a U.S. bank), or money order, paid in full, with order on "in stock" items. Western Union and other wire transfers are not accepted. Restorations and new reproduction orders (not currently listed) require a minimum 50% deposit with the order. The balance must be paid when the item is ready to ship, or upon receipt of the invoice.

Ohio Residents: State Sales tax for Lake county is applied at the rate of 5.75% on the purchase price.

Turn around, Delivery & Shipping: Delivery will be estimated at the time of placing an order. Usually 8-12 weeks on custom crafting orders. Allow 16 weeks on new reproductions or restorations. Turn around times will vary greatly depending on the type of work and the time of year. A turn around time estimate will be specified on the work order in good faith. Our estimated times are not guaranteed. All original customer emblems are shipped U.S.P.S INSURED. All other emblems are mailed 1st class. Any other shipping method should be arranged with the order.

Shipping Cost: Most orders, $8.00 per shipment, outside the USA slightly higher.

Liability: Limited to the dollar amount of the order, and only in the event of the emblem's loss while in our possession. This does not include shipping loss, or damage due to restoration. Your original emblem is always treated as if it is the last one in the world.

Order Cancellation

Cancellation of orders will be accepted within 3 days of receipt of the work order, or 10 days from the work orderís stated date, whichever comes first, for any reason, with notification by email, phone or letter. Upon cancellation, the entire amount of the deposit will be refunded. Cancellations after this time will forfeit any deposit. Otherwise this order will be subject to the above terms and conditions.

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* Colors that are unique to that emblem, e.g. a particular shade of red that is used only on that emblem.

** Damage to the metal or plastic body of the emblem causing the emblem to be unusable. This damage is always unforeseen and represents only a slight possibility that must be mentioned as a precaution.

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