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    EMBLEMS, which are not yet restored, are not listed, but pictured here. Emblems such as Dodge, Desoto, Ford, Chevy , Olds, Buick and many more including orphan makes from the "teens" through the "forties" are in stock.  We do not always know what we have, but if you know what your are looking for, and can describe it for us, giving us the size, shape, design and stud type, we can search through our inventory to find a match.  If you do not have the emblem, and do not know what it looks like...  well, then we are in trouble. vintage roadster Although we are familiar with many emblems,  we don't always know where on the car, or to which year they belong.  These emblems are not for sale as is, but are stocked for those customers who are missing their own emblem, or who just want another restored one.  They will be quoted with the restoration included.  

Trade-ins welcomed. Call if you have emblems like these to sell!

Click on the Pictures below and examine to see if we have the emblem you are looking for in unrestored stock!   Organized chronologically when acquired.

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For the latest additions to our unrestored stock call or email us!


Reasons we do not usually sell the emblems unrestored.

  1. We intend to include various emblems from this stock to be restored eventually, and listed with our restored stock.   Others we keep unrestored for custom cars and hot rods that may want "custom colors" used in them.

  2. We do not reproduce these emblems, so the only way we can stock them is to buy them whenever we come across them, which is not often. Selling them unrestored at bargain prices would not make good business sense.

  3. In general, we are preserving these emblems for car restorers who might otherwise be prevented from finishing off their car restoration with a hard to find emblem.


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